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Hello there! My name is Sarah Lou and I am currently living in Provo, Utah with my husband, Zach. I am a High School teaching, animal loving, work out junky-ing girl who is absolutely obsessed with hand-creating fun and beautiful items. Growing up, my Mom taught my sisters and I to have a passion for being a "maker"; some of these things included a knitted scarf, a delicious batch of cookies, handmade Valentine's cards, and more recently working with Merino Wool. My little shop focuses on the homey, beautiful, cozy, INCREDIBLY warm material of 100% Cruelty Free Merino Wool that I have come to absolutely love. In my opinion, there is nothing better than curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and the world's most cozy and warm blanket. I wish to share that love and warmth with all who visit my shop. I invite you take a look through my items and hope you come to love Merino Wool as much as I do!



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