Step-by-step: Decorating your Dream Living Room

My husband and I currently live in a rental but we have done our best to make it feel like our own home. We have slowly been adding piece by piece and its finally finished!

Here are the 10 steps we took to create a homey living room...


STEP 1— big comfy couch

This couch is awesome because its super deep and SO comfortable. We get comments all the time from visitors on how comfortable it is! Shop it here.


step 2— neutral rug


step 3— unique art

I commissioned my favorite artist Emma Jones to create beautiful and unique art to hang on our empty walls. This was a bit of a splurge but it was worth EVERY penny. She doesn’t have a website but you can message her on Instagram for pricing!


step 4— the big stuff

Target has a large selection of affordable furniture, and our next purchase was this beautiful book shelf and an entertainment center/TV stand. Check this article for details on how to decorate your book shelf.


step 5— extra seating

We decided we needed more seating, so we found this love seat in a different but cohesive color to our current style.


step 6— pillows

Pillows are one of my favorite parts of decorating. With everything else being pretty neutral, I decided to add some color with fun pillows.


step 7— functional furniture

Every good living room needs a bench seat that doubles as storage space.


step 8— floating bookshelves

We had been on the hunt for floating shelves for awhile, but didn’t find anything we loved. So, my husband MADE THESE HIMSELF! Shop now for your own unique set. Read this article for tips on decorating your floating shelves.


step 9— cozy blankets

No living room can ever have too many cozy blankets!!! So this is obviously a must! Check out our line of cozy SarahLou Co. throws to add some more pops of color to your room.


step 10— plants on plants

Plants on plants on plants! Plants not only clean your air, but they are also a good excuse to buy beautiful planters. ;)


Welcome to our home!

Voila! Trends are always changing, but we felt inclined to pick pieces that were neutral enough to be stylish for years to come.

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