7 steps: How to Decorate the Perfect Bookshelf

Decorating your bookshelves can seem like a daunting task. But don’t fret! With a few simple pieces you can transform your empty shelves into the room’s highlight! Before you start, think about if you want a full shelf or just a few select pieces, then proceed!

Follow the 7 steps below to create a tasteful design


step 1— the bookshelf

Find your favorite bookshelf! I love the modern and open design of this one.


step 2— books

Choose a few books that you LOVE and wouldn’t mind looking at every day.


step 3— plants & pots

Create life by including a few small plants with fun pots.


step 4— texture

Add texture with either a SarahLou Co. blanket or a large basket to hold items you want to keep unseen.


step 5— pictures

Add personality by including any of the following: photos of your family, a print of a favorite quote, or a beautiful or meaningful landscape. It’s a good idea to choose frames that are cohesive with the rest of your shelf decor.


step 6— candles

Add some flavor by choosing a few candles!


step 7— shapes

Still want to add more? Maybe add a small basket or an interesting shape.


Once you have your collection of items, arrange your shelf! Make sure to mix the sizes and type of your objects, you may need to play around with your items before coming to a final product!

Let’s hear them below!

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